Hannover4EnglishSpeakers is am English-language group for ex-patriates and other English speakers in Hannover, Germany that meets at least twice a month at Besito's and offers a Facebook group.

Meet up and chat in English

If you organize or are aware of other English-language groups in and around Hannover, please feel free to contact the H4ES moderators via e-mail and we can add a link to your group website here.


If you wish to advertise your English-language or cultural business in Hannover on this website, contact the moderators via e-mail. However, please note that the group site here and on Facebook is strictly for informational, non-commercial purposes, and no commercial advertising via the group is permitted.


Here is a collection of links to other English-speaking groups around Hannover, as well as to other useful websites related to English-language events and culture in the Hannover region and beyond.

Other English-speaking groups in Hannover

Hannover has a number of other English-speaking groups with varying emphases. We invite you to pay the other groups a visit as well:

Other online forums

Here are other web forums where ex-pats can chat about life in Germany:

Useful links for living in Hannover and Germany

These are websites providing introductory information about living in Hannover as an ex-patriate: