Hannover4EnglishSpeakers is am English-language group for ex-patriates and other English speakers in Hannover, Germany that meets at least twice a month at Besito's and offers a Facebook group.

Meet up and chat in English

If you organize or are aware of other English-language groups in and around Hannover, please feel free to contact the H4ES moderators via e-mail and we can add a link to your group website here.


If you wish to advertise your English-language or cultural business in Hannover on this website, contact the moderators via e-mail. However, please note that the group site here and on Facebook is strictly for informational, non-commercial purposes, and no commercial advertising via the group is permitted.


Hannover4EnglishSpeakers (or H4ES for short) is a group of English-language ex-patriates and other English speakers who get together regularly in Hannover to chat and meet new people. Our members come from all over the world — Americans, British, Canadians, Irish, Australians, Indians, and many other nationalities besides.

H4ES on Facebook

Our main location is on Facebook. To keep up to date with all current information, dates, times and online conversation, please do join our groups there. We currently have two groups on Facebook:

Regular monthly meetings

The main monthly H4ES meetings are (please note the new location, dates, and times as of March 2012!):

Just ask the staff at Besitos, and they'll point you to us. We meet and chat over food and drinks in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Come as you are.

Who may attend?

Anyone who wants to meet other ex-patriates and English speakers may attend. There is no charge or membership fee. (Though you'll have to buy your own food and drinks, of course!)

Other meetings

The group also sometimes arranges extra meetings and special events, often on short notice. For all current meeting dates and times, please join our Facebook group.

H4ES KIDS children's reading and play group

We formerly offered a twice-monthly children's reading and play group, but were forced to abandon it in mid-2010 for lack of interest. There are however a number of parents willing to restart the group (as of July 2011). If interested in participating and supporting this, please contact the moderators.

As of April 2012, we are attempting to restart the group. Please be sure to join the H4ES KIDS group on Facebook to participate in planning and setup.